Wow. We have arrived.

Holy smokes. We’ve been here for a week and a half. So let’s start at the beginning.

September 6th: We (Chris, Colin, Meg) flew out of Pearson at 9:10 pm. Image

September 7th: We landed in Reykjavik (Keflavik airport), Iceland at 7:10 am local time.


We changed planes in the most gorgeous airport, and then landed at Heathrow at 11:45 am. We took the Heathrow Express to Paddington tube station, and then got a taxi (in the most civilized manner ever: a taxi queue) to our hostel. Image

We checked in, and hit our first English pub for some fish ‘n’ chips for lupper. Image

We wanted to try to stay up until at least 10 pm, so we walked around Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, and to King Albert Monument and Buckingham Palace (no, we didn’t try to break in).Image

September 8th: I can’t even remember. There were naps involved. I think we went to Leicester Square and the British Museum.Image

September 9th: We set up bank accounts, and I managed to throw out my back. So, I’ve spent quite a few hours at the chiropractor since then, which is fine because he’s Norwegian and 7 feet tall and the nicest guy on the planet. I could barely move. It’s much better but still not 100%. We started hunting for a flat.

September 10th: We continued hunting for a flat. I think we also saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and The Eye of London on this day.Image

September 11th: We spent the entire day viewing flats. The last one we saw this day is the one we now live in. Then we went out for a celebratory dinner.

September 12th: We visited my new campus for the first time, then we went to Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Borough Market, The Globe Theatre, Millennium Bridge, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.Image

September 13th: We went to Greenwich. It was phenomenal. We took the DLR over, we saw Cutty Sark, had lunch, walked through Meridian Park, visited the Astrology museum, then stood on the Prime Meridian (standing in two hemispheres at once), went into The Queen’s House, then went to Greenwich Market. We took a Thames Clipper boat back to London. Image

September 14th: We finally left the loud, crowded, smelly hostel. Colin departed for Nottingham, and we moved into our flat! We unpacked and went shopping for flat stuff, and then went to Borough Market to have dinner and to meet an acquaintance from St. Marys. Small world, right? There are like, at least six of us from town living in London right now.

September 15th: We had lunch with Libby, a friend from Glendon and she took us to Portobello Market, and then, surprise!, we went shopping for flat stuff (very unsuccessfully).

September 16th: Chris did massive amounts of laundry while I very successfully shopped for the flat.

September 17th: We finally grocery shopped, did flat-things, made dinner, watched NOTTING HILL (where we are almost every single day) because it’s NOTTING HILL!

So, about the flat: it’s two storeys, in a complex called “West Kensington Estates” (I know, right?). It’s just various forms of housing in the same square. It’s sort of like a townhouse of sorts. We have six flatmates (SIX!) but they’re all awesome. Well, actually, there is one we haven’t yet met. There are two from Ireland, one from California, Britain, Australia, one from Austria, and us. We have our bedroom, then we share a massive kitchen, small living room, and two bathrooms. Our room is on the ground floor, as is one other person’s, and the rest of the rooms are upstairs. It’s quiet, all young professionals, but people come and go frequently. Three people are moving out next month, and they’ve only been here a month. It’s in a good area of London that’s literally a three-minute walk to the tube, and close to all amenities (now I just sound like I’m trying to sell the place). We’re happy. I’ll post pictures of the flat next time.

Hope you’re all keeping well. We miss you all! If you want to Skype, let us know! Also this is probably filled with typos. It’s late, my bad!

Love Meg (and Chris)

P.S. if you want to see more photos (read: 1000 pictures from the plane window), go here:


2 thoughts on “Wow. We have arrived.

  1. Woo! Glad to hear that things are slowly falling into place. No stress about flat furnishing, it will come! Update often. Sending you two good vibes and big hugs.

  2. Great blogging, guys! You both write very well. Looking forward to updates:)
    Auntie Karen:)

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